It is very common to see people performing below their potential. Also we find a team of talented individuals not producing the combined excellence. The answer to the above is focused monitoring and mentoring.

The Training People India believes people are our greatest resource.

So it makes good business sense to invest in the growth and development of the people. It will increase the performance and profitability of the organization. As well, the investment on fetches a greater return – greater than anything else we can do.

Training has become a fad and executives are subject to meaningless training sessions which lack direction and review. Conventional 10-5 training does no good to forced attendees. At best the training workshops are a good picnic, sometimes.

The Training People India has toppled the conventional 10 to 5 approach to training.

Doing away with the 10-5 classroom sessions, we have developed a new approach that puts a spring in the step of each participant. Our experience shows that training workshops / camps are more purposeful with overnights stay built in. The team building which takes place and the introspection that happens overnight is just not possible with a morning to evening module.

The Training People India helps to realize one’s potential with an innovative approach called “Experiential Learning and Exponential Living ”

The program is a catalyst on the move. At “transformational residential workshops” we concentrate on

  • image consulting
  • impression management
  • individual excellence
  • sales improvement
  • executive effectiveness
  • organizational enhancement

In all, we, redefine personality, help people change to work smarter, rather than harder both in their personal and professional life. We also have proven success programs on personal dynamics and organizational behavior as in-house day-programs.

The Training People India Designs and presents exclusive programs to cater to specific needs of corporate

We strongly believe that training can be more effective only when the need is felt from the top. It is true that we are very categorical and selective on the assignments we accept. This is because we expect you as a CEO or Head of HR to spend time with us in identifying the training needs of individuals as well the organisation as a whole. We design customized programs only after a thorough research and analysis.

The Training People India provides comprehensive consulting, coaching and Training seminars in India and Overseas

Individual coaching on life styles, organizational consultancy on strategic management and group monitoring on behavioral changes are the areas concentration in the programs. Training reports and post training evaluation of the transformational residential programs are worth measuring results.

The Training People India is a flagship company dedicated to

  • Corporate Research
  • Event Management
  • Computer Applications
  • Systems Organizing
  • Brand promotions
  • Celebrity performances
  • Tour Operations
  • Convenience Facilitations
  • Government Projects

The Training People India functions on the strength of a team of versatile trainers, coaches and performers

Each of them having wide variety of experiences and expertise has international accreditation. The training workshops/camps are being designed and conducted by the vibrant training and performance team.

The Training People India Expert in corporate consultancy and Facilitation

A professionally managed company guarantees performance result of each of the beneficiary. Totally committed and dedicated to Human Resource Development of Corporate and Individuals in their professional and personal life and future. History says effectiveness is the core word in The Training people India activities