TESTIMONIALS - petals on the way

We have been exposed to a number of programs. Dr. Parivallal enthralled our members throughout. His program was interesting, successful and result oriented.

National Chamber of commerce - Sri Lanka

The concepts are new and practical. Your slides and activities are just great. We have tremendously enjoyed your presentation.

NAMLIFA - Malaysia

Splendid. A great presentation in deed. The points are more spicy and crispy

AIA - Singapore

It was so lively, creative and conceptual. It was totally an out of box program. We deem it as one of the world class program ever attended.

Eswaren Exports - Colombo

A down to earth approach and one to one solutions made us feel enlightened.

LIC Lanka - Sri Lanka

The Experiential living made our people enchanting. It is a life time memories for them. The results have been tremendous in their execution and decision making.

VTV Group - Colombo

The residential programs are moments of ecstasy for all of us. You have made us to evaluate, enhance and exhibit. The reverential closing in and holding hands together in meditation, spiritually united us and we will remain same in the future, with your memories. It is a great experience

Institute of Public Health - Chennai

You are my inspiration. You are my dhronacharya. You made my life changing.

Binod Kumar -Trivandram

My Guru. The sparkle you created in me is so much that it makes me going successful

Natarajan - LIC

Every time I have attended your program I thought many of your inputs I would have already experienced in your earlier programs. But you are undoubtedly the master of this art. Even after 20 programs I feel jealous of my colleagues who have been able to experience the full two days whereas I could attend only the last few hours. The transformation which you have been able to bring about in my team is beyond compare. The same set of hitherto lethargic government servants are today charged up better than the best in the corporate world. India needs more and more trainers like you.

Sudeep Jain - IAS as District Collector, Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu)

The experiential learning program created visible changes in the attitude of our executives. They are able to show a positive improvement in their approach

D. Eassuwaren - Chairman,  Breeze Hotel

There is always a craze for Dr Paaries experiential learning programs. He has been a mentor for our employees. The personality is totally changed after the program. The results are overwhelming.

K Viswanathan - RmKV

The residential program, has made total turnaround in our performance. We are able to multiply our business turnovers.

Directors - Agni Steels

Being with you is so pleasant and cool. You made us to take good decisions

MK Rajendran - Chairman, Veera Exports

My god father, I found a new life in your program. You made the difference in me

Balu - Managing Director,  Manju Exports

He is my friend, philosopher and guide. He opened new vistas to my life style

Dev Anand - Mumbai

I am very proud to call me as a product of Dr Parivallal. I am a professional today

Bharadwaj - Vijayawada